building COMMUNITY


“The heart of a company is a direct reflection of the heart of its people and specifically at Walsh Construction Co. The leaders have set a tone of generosity, community and serving others. We wanted to acknowledge your powerful demonstration of collaboration, partnership and serving the most vulnerable within our Bridge Meadows community. On behalf of the children, families and elders – thank you!” Dr. Derenda Schubert, Executive Director, Bridge Meadows

Our honest interest in the mission and goals of non-profits inspires us to provide our best effort and highest value.

Partnerships with non-profit organizations are important to WALSH and we are fortunate to have so many inspirational clients. These clients often provide environments that expand opportunities for children, safe and affordable housing for families, substance-free living with support programs to aid people achieving sobriety, shelter for those suffering abuse, food for the hungry, and much more. As a mission-driven organization, working together with such clients just makes sense.

Our non-profit partners include: