building GREEN


The benefits of an energy-efficient building are numerous: cost savings to owners and tenants, increased occupant comfort, and better/less use of important resources.

The results are coming in … and they are certainly impressive.

It’s an exciting time around the Walsh Construction Co. offices– for a number of reasons, including the fact that buildings we’ve helped to create are exceeding expectations for energy efficiency. This translates to savings for both our clients and the residents who call the buildings home, not to mention the increased comfort for building occupants.

While each project is different – size, use, construction type, etc. – and incorporates its own distinct energy efficiency measures, they all share a common element: a well-insulated, airtight building enclosure.

WALSH works with design teams and subcontractors to develop and install an envelope system that will assure the desired level of quality and energy efficiency. We create mock-ups of the building assemblies, test them for air and water infiltration, and revise them until they perform correctly. Once installation begins, our highly qualified field staff provide supervision and oversight to verify the work meets project goals, best industry practices and manufacturers requirements for a warranted installation. When the envelope is installed correctly, air and water leaks are minimized, which in turn helps the building’s energy systems work more efficiently because the air and water they heat and cool stays in the building, while keeping outside air and water from coming inside.

As a result of this focus on energy efficient construction practices and prior project successes, WALSH has produced buildings that attain the desired level of sustainable certification and are also delivering savings to the owner and end users. On several of our projects, actual energy performance has substantially exceeded the modeled energy performance.


Beginning with the inception of our Quality Control program in 1999, Walsh Construction Co. has made a concerted effort to build projects that are highly energy efficient. We learned long ago that a heightened focus on quality – during both the design and construction phases – is of critical importance to delivering buildings that are highly durable and maintainable over the long term. We’re seeing the fruits of our labors as demonstrated by test results for building performance in terms of energy efficiency.