Bridge Meadows Beaverton, which will replicate the success of Bridge Meadows North Portland, addresses the chronic issue of foster children in Washington County by creating permanent families and homes for foster children exiting the child welfare system, and surrounding the new families with supportive “honorary” grandparents, all living inter-dependently within an intentional intergenerational community.

Bridge Meadows Beaverton includes a total of 41 units, 9 family townhomes, and 32 apartments for elders. Different from the original site in Portland, Bridge Meadows Beaverton will also include a few market-rate apartments—and 1 family home, making it possible to include adoptive parents and older adults who come from a variety of income levels who want to join the community. Income from these market-rate units will contribute directly to the financial sustainability of the community. Like its Portland counterpart, the new housing community will bring together residential units for foster youth and their adoptive parents, as well as units for elders who interact with the families and provide hours of service in the community.

Families agree to adopt or become the legal guardian of children from the Oregon foster care system and elders (adults 55 years of age and older) agree to contribute 100 hours per quarter to the Bridge Meadows community. Elders, who gain a new found sense of meaning and purpose, are encouraged to share their gifts and talents (e.g. mentoring youth, helping with homework, providing emotional support to parents and/or youth, helping in the community garden, etc.). The community’s built-in interdependency combined with staff support and collaborations with community partners provides the opportunity for adoptive families and elders to thrive.