The historic rehabilitation of the three-story Musolf Manor provided 95 studio units for very low-income singles, some with mental illness, in Old Town, Portland. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Musolf Manor was built in 1910 as a working-class hotel and hadn’t been upgraded since 1974.

Inspired by the need for improved resident safety and system efficiency upgrades, the project included a seismic renovation and upgrades to mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire sprinkler systems. Unit layout revisions provided five new ADA resident rooms and brought the total number of housing units to 95. Reorientation of the ground floor lobby emphasized safety for the residents and building management. Innovative Housing, Inc., wanted to preserve and refurbish many historic elements within the building, including the stair handrails, the metal transom windows and the original hotel sign. Upgrades to the six storefront spaces incorporated new window systems, awnings and lighting and provided welcoming entries.

Musolf Manor is located on a tight urban site, which called for careful staging, strict scheduling of deliveries, and planning for storage of materials. In spite of the challenges presented by a historic renovation of an occupied building in a downtown location, the project was completed on time.

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