Team Building with the Team!

The WALSH Family had an amazing day of team building playing paintball – collaborative teamwork and having fun through rain and mud and cold! That is how we roll. Team building is not only what we do during the work time, it’s about what we do during our free time. We appreciate each and every one of our #walshcofamily and their hard work and dedication both in the office and in the field!

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Martin Houston, AIA,LEED AP rejoins WALSH as Director of Learning and Development.

We are thrilled to share that Martin Houston, AIA,LEED AP is rejoining Walsh Construction Co. as Director of Learning and Development. In this role, Marty will be developing training manuals and modules across all disciplines of the company, ultimately providing a consistent delivery system to aid the growth of our employees. This new system will also serve as a platform for sharing procedures, policies and best practices for learning and development. Though Marty will be serving both regions, he will be based in Portland.

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Meyer Memorial Trust Wins PBJ 2022 Transformer Award

The Meyer Memorial Trust HQ project has received yet another award. This makes 14 awards! The project has been selected by Portland Business Journal as one of the most transformative projects in the region and will be granted a 2022 Transformer Award.

Congrats to the O’Neill/Walsh Community Builders (OWCB) team of Ali O’Neill and Maurice Rahming, co-founders and co-owners of O’Neill Construction Group and Afton Walsh, project manager and community outreach director for Walsh Construction Co.

For more information about the event please contact the events coordinator, Caitlyn Dierikx,

LEVER Architecture
Anyeley Hallova
Photo by Jeremy Bittermann

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Exploring A Different Path to More, Better Housing 

The solution to escalating costs may be closer at hand than we think.

By Mike Steffen, Walsh Construction Co.

It is no secret that we face an enormous crisis with housing affordability in the United States. As the housing industry attempts to address this crisis, there has been a tendency for many in the industry to look externally, toward the horizon, for solutions. Alternative delivery approaches utilizing volumetric modular construction, 3d printing, and the recycling of shipping containers for housing are just a few of the new and revolutionary technologies that have been promoted and utilized in attempts to innovate towards greater affordability. Vertical integration of the construction supply chain on a dramatic scale is another alternative that has been pushed forward. However, these emerging technologies and approaches have yet to produce compelling, sustained results in terms of increasing the speed of development or construction, or reducing the costs of the homes delivered. Not to mention the additional development costs and risks incurred by project teams that try to explore the use of these alternatives.

What if instead of looking to the horizon, we in the industry looked internally at our typical design and construction methods?  Could we identify ways to modify those in ways large or small, to achieve the cost savings we are looking for, and to do so while maintaining and perhaps even increasing the quality of the housing we are delivering to our communities? …Read More

Mass Timber Uses in Construction

Mass Timber in construction is here to stay and we are excited for the opportunities in sustainability and local sourcing that it offers our clients and the built world at large. At WALSH, we have fast become experts in this product type with several successful projects under our belt. Yet, we also recognize there is more to learn and we are constantly seeking new information, innovative mass timber uses, and collaborating with project partners to expand our resources. As members of the Tall Wood Institute’s REACTS Consortium and the Carbon Leadership Forum, our teams are staying on top of important bodies of research and advancing the uses for mass timber products.

Mass timber is a product type that includes cross-laminated timber (CLT), nail-laminated timber (NLT), dowel-laminated timber (DLT), glue-laminated timber (glulam or GLT), and some types of structural composite lumber (SCL). In addition, mass plywood and heavy timber fit the bill. CLT has become more popular of late and is produced by layering up many slices of wood at right angles and gluing them together, while glulam is manufactured in a similar way, but with slices all laid in the same direction. However they are used, mass timber provides a stronger, longer lasting and more environmentally-conscious alternative. Also, on average, a mass timber building is constructed 25% faster than a similar concrete building, according to Think Wood.

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WALSH Wins AGC ROSE & CSEA National Safety Award!

Walsh Construction Co. is incredibly honored to be the recipient of the Associated General Contractors of America 2022 National Construction Safety Excellence Awards (CSEA)! Presented at the AGC Annual Convention, the national awards recognize firms that excel in safety performance, occupational health management, demonstrate leadership and control of risks.

We want to thank our WALSH teams, our exceptional self-performed partners at RDF BUILDERS CO and all of our trade partners who are committed to safety every day. Safety is our highest value and we have worked hard to develop a safety culture throughout our company that is key to exceptional performance. We are always looking to challenge ourselves to improve our safety program and are excited to share this award with all of our people and partners.
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Groundbreaking of Fourth Plain Commons for Vancouver Housing Authority!

Congratulations to Vancouver Housing Authority and the team of the Fourth Plain Commons on the groundbreaking celebration for this innovative neighborhood project. Fourth Plain Commons is a mixed-use project focused on strengthening and growing small businesses, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs, improving the corridor’s safety, and increasing the supply of affordable and attainable housing. The development is pedestrian-and-bike focused and will include a new vibrant plaza, public mural and community supportive spaces. On the upper floors, 108 units will provide a variety of affordable housing for families.

Our WALSH team of Chuck Moore, Brian Layman, Bryan Ware, Lyle Rinearson and Caitlin Kelley are excited to partner with Salazar Architect Inc. on this exciting project!

Link to KPTV Fox 12 Oregon news coverage

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Happy Earth Day!

We are invested in the health of our planet and the #sustainability of our buildings. Evident through the vast number of earth-friendly projects we’ve completed, our wonderfully dedicated Quality Control Team focused on energy efficiency, and our internal Sustainability Committee (“Team Green”), at WALSH we work in our environments with innovation, attention and respect.

Honored to have been recognized as one of 2022’s 100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon by Oregon Business magazine, we also recognize our work is never done and there is still much to learn.

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Laura Waddick Promoted to Assistant Superintendent!

Please join us in congratulating Laura Waddick on her promotion to Assistant Superintendent!

Laura joined WALSH in February of 2019 as a Project Engineer. During the past three years, she worked on Renaissance Commons for REACH Community Development and is currently on the Holden of Pearl senior living tower. Between the two projects, she has also gained experience assisting with the preconstruction of Dekum Court for Home Forward and overseeing the installation of the solar system with the PAE Living Building project. Laura is most looking forward to taking on more responsibility on the jobsite and continuing her growth and education with WALSH.

Please join us in wishing Laura continued success!

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