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Completed Interior Renovations of the 110-yr old Frye Apartments for LIHI !

Major congrats are in store for the WALSH and RDF team, as we have officially completed the interior renovation of the 110-yr old Frye Apartments building owned by Low Income Housing Institute. We are proud and ecstatic to have renovated 234 affordable apartment homes in 10 phases over the course of 20 months, working around existing residents and staff.

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Congratulations on your retirement Ron Ward.

Last Friday marked a notable event for Walsh Construction, the retirement of Ron Ward, a Vice President who worked at Walsh for 19 years. Ron led us through some of our most challenging projects including Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) Salishan Phases 1-7, SHA Raven Terrace, THA-RAD Conversions, The Cones Apartments and LIHI’s Frye Hotel renovation.

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We at WALSH want to wish you all the best for the holiday season but mostly good health to you and your family.

We at WALSH want to wish you all the best for the holiday season but mostly good health to you and your family.

We also want to thank our WALSH Family for their tremendous fortitude and dedication in continuing the work of building homes, healthcare and community for the most vulnerable in our communities. It took everyone rising to meet the challenges, head on, to ensure our foundation is strong while helping others have a place to call home. An effort only accomplished through the hard work of our entire team.

We look forward to seeing you all in what surely will be a better 2021. Happy Holidays!

Thank you for 25 Years of Dedication

Congrats are in store as we admire and congratulate our team for their 25 years of service. Kudos to Ed Sloop, Mark Fletcher and Steve Schneider. You are all valuable and more than worthy members of our multifaceted team as all of your diligent work and commitment to exceptional service have been monumental in the establishment of WALSH culture and what we represent. Thank you for being such instrumental members of our team and projects!

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Pioneer Human Services Aspen Terrace project has achieved their Certificate of Occupancy this week!

We are pleased to announce that Pioneer Human Services Aspen Terrace project has achieved their Certificate of Occupancy this week! This an enormous achievement for our project teams and the community. Congrats to RDF Builders and the Walsh team of Sandi Tovias, Karen Moon, Mike Jensen, Brian Lenz, Mariah David, Anthony Sherman and Marwa Zahid for working through constantly changing guidelines and challenges associated with COVID-19 to keep everyone safe and the project on schedule.

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Thanks to the 174 Industry Partners Who Joined our Quality Department Webinar!

Thanks to all who joined us in conversation at our December 9 webinar, MEETING & EXCEEDING AIRTIGHTNESS REQUIREMENTS. The panelists discussed lessons learned through executing and air testing buildings and what common processes, locations, and details have the most effect on whole building airtightness of multifamily and mid-rise buildings.


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The panelists also shared tools that have proven to be effective with meeting and exceeding airtightness goals on recent projects. Thank you to our panelists!

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Congratulations Afton Walsh on PBJ 40 Under 40 Award!

Please join us in congratulating Afton Walsh as a recipient for the Portland Business Journal 40 UNDER 40 award!

Each year the PBJ receives nearly 300 nominations for their Forty Under 40 program and each application is thoroughly reviewed. Forty of the region’s most influential professionals are selected to represent our region. These are game-changers, move-makers and forces of the future. To make this list is a high accomplishment and we are excited to celebrate Afton and her commitment to all in our community.

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Thank You For 15 Years of Service!

We want to celebrate our dedicated #walshcofamily for their FIFTEEN YEARS of service. Each one of these individuals exemplifies WALSH’s commitment to community, exceptional service, innovation, quality and safety.

Thank you to Aaron Elliott, Andy Morris, BJ Graham, Elizabeth Rinehart and Nathan Connaway for your unwavering dedication as we continue to build community throughout the Northwest!

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WALSH & RDF Builders Tiny Homes for Low Income Housing Institute

We are excited to celebrate the commitment of Walsh and RDF Builders to BUILD COMMUNITY in our ongoing partnership with Low Income Housing Institute
Tiny Home Village program. We stand with LIHI as they continue to tackle the challenge of housing the homeless safely during the COVID-19 crisis. WALSH will continue to support these builds throughout 2021 through the on-going donations of expertise and materials from our job sites. We are thrilled to see these Tiny Houses pictured in production as the team prepares them to be sent off to a new village in Skyway, WA!

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Hobson Place Team Wins Most Inclusive Jobsite Award from ANEW

Congratulations to our DESC Hobson Place North and South team for being awarded the Most Inclusive Jobsite Award at ANEW’s 40th Anniversary Celebration! ⁠This award recognizes WALSH’s commitment to supporting equity and representation at all levels of project management as well as the diversity of our trade partners, ownership and design team. We are thrilled to be a part of a diverse team working together for DESC to provide much-needed housing and supportive services to the most vulnerable our community.

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