Sealant Adhesion & Compatibility Study

Sealant Adhesion & Compatibility Study presented at the Seattle BEC Meeting by WALSH Quality Manager, Sharon Libby.

This presentation explained how this sealant adhesion and compatibility study was conceived and executed and will also provide conclusions about the observed reactions between many different substrates and sealants. This study was executed by the WALSH Quality Department to determine the varying levels of adhesion between commonly specified sealants and substrates (including weather resistive barriers, self adhered membranes, liquid applied membranes and cladding components including brick, fiber cement cladding and various window materials.

Similarly, observed compatibility issues were discussed and the cause of the incompatibility explained in order to better inform designers about possible adverse reactions between materials.

  • Link to the WALSH Sealant Adhesion Study Presentation
  • Link to the WALSH Sealant Adhesion Test Boards with Photos
  • Link to the WALSH Sealant Study Report

Sharon Libby is a Quality Assurance Manager with Walsh Construction. Sharon has a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Oregon and worked in architecture for about 8 years before making the switch to construction with Walsh’s Quality department. She is involved with several projects providing reviews and field research during pre-construction and active construction phase. Concerns raised in the field are a great motivator for Sharon to research and solve problems. The sealant study Sharon conducted is a great example of that process.